Saturday, January 26, 2013

indie band of the day

okay, so here is the indie band of the day, well really it's kinda focused on one guy but it rocks anyways, so now, here is the band info:
Kishi Bashi is K Ishibashi's self-recorded and self-produced project. K is a founding member of Jupiter One, as well as a touring member of of Montreal and Regina Spektor.
Kishi Bashi is the pseudonym of singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter K (Kaoru) Ishibashi (born November 4, 1975). Ishibashi was born in Seattle, Washington, but growing up predominantly on the east coast in Norfolk, Virginia where both of his parents were professors at Old Dominion University. As a 1994 graduate of Matthew Fontaine Maury High School, he went on to study classical music becoming a renowned violinist. Ishibashi has recorded with and toured internationally as a violinist with diverse artists such as Regina Spektor, Sondre Lerche, and most recently, the Athens, Georgia based indie rock group of Montreal.
Ishibashi is also the singer and founding member of the New York synth rock outfit, Jupiter One. In 2011, he started to record and perform as a solo artist, opening for Sondre Lerche,Alexi Murdoch, and of Montreal. He supported of Montreal on their spring 2012 tour. Ishibashi has an eponymous side project, with which he plans on releasing his first EP under this moniker on the Joyful Noise label in late 2012, it has the tentative title "I Lost My Wrestling Match To Davey Pierce On The Big Black Bus".
Shortly after debuting his full length solo album 151a, NPR All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen listed Kishi Bashi as his favorite new artist of 2012 noting that he created "a radiant, uplifting soundscape" with songs such as "Bright Whites." In the same year, Microsoft licensed "Bright Whites" for use in a commercial for Windows 8. Around the same time, Sony used Kishi Bashi's song "It All Began With A Burst" from the same album for a commercial introducing their Xperia Tablet S. In addition to these placements, Smart licensed "Chester's Burst Over The Hamptons" for their line of smart cars in the United States.
Kishi Bashi has since been invited to play in major festivals such as SXSW and Austin City Limits and gone on an extensive US tour with supporting acts like The Last Bison, who happen to be from his native Hampton Roads, Virginia. Kishi Bashi announced a North American tour across the United States and Canada for early 2013.

and now,here are the band links, the first is to their song ''Bright Whites'' and the second is to their song ''I Am The Antichrist To You'' , i love both of these songs very much so i hope you enjoy them! talk to you tomorrow guys! :{D

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