Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Indie Musician Of The Day


Cecelia and I at a Starbucks Music night in Alabaster, AL. in My Photos by
Bettie and I at a Church in Eclectic, AL.    Justin Cross

so, i'm back guys, i'm sorry i haven't been keeping this up to date but life got a little in the way and i found myself SWAMPED without a single break for the life of me. Needless to say, don't think i forgot about all you good folks that partake in my blog's information, so i have a special treat for you all and i think you will definitely like it. You  may or may not have heard of this fantastic guy, but if you've heard of him ,then you know the incredible talent and power that he posseses in the music industry. If you don't know him, his name is Justin Cross and he is from Birmingham, Alabama where he plays, as he would put it, ''Americana'' music for the masses. From mysterious mosh pits to pink power rangers, this guy is quite the complex fella and so it is my honor to show you an exclusive interview which i was able to get with the man himself this lovely evening. I hope you enjoy it, it was a simple recording of a skype session in which i ask some interesting questions and get some very interesting answers, it also includes an unreleased live version of one of his songs and a live version of his very well known hit ''Drink The Water'' in which i have a link for the Blackwater Gospel Video that goes along with it below.  Also, i have the honor of meeting the elbow and chin of his girlfriend Amy, the maker of his video for Drink The Water and his ever so cute dog. So i hope you enjoy and don't worry, i'm not going anywhere, everyone needs a break now and then, but i'm back and i'm ready to present to you even more kickass bands by the handful! Adios Amigos! Auf Wiedersehen!

okay now here are the links, the first is to his song ''Drink The Water'' which is the first song i ever heard from him, the second is to his song ''Daughters Holding Flowers'' and the third is to his song ''Listenign to Ghosts/ The Devil's Drug'' which is my absolute favorite so make sure to check them all out, this guy really rocks, i personally love his music, and so should you!!!

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