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Indie Band Finders Songs Of The Week

alright guys, so i figure each week should have a special few songs and so that is why the staff here at IBF decided to tell you our picks of the week for your listening pleasure! enjoy!!

Israelvis- SOS

Astronautilis- Dimitri Mendeleev

Miracles of Modern Science- Eating Me Alive

Miike Snow- The Wave

CheckThem Out Today and support all the talented bands that go along with them! also, if you have a suggestion, go to our new facebook site Indie Band Finder and tell us what you like to listen to or who we should interview!!! see you later alligators!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Treefort, interviews and more up ahead!

Alright folks, so right now i am working on finishing my write up for Treefort but it should be done by the end of this week so stay tuned for three interviews, upcoming shows and a write up of nearly two hundred bands from the Treefort Music Festival! Bye for now though folks and i shall talk to you all soon!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paper Lions Interview Tomorrow

Okay guys, so tomorrow i will be interviewing Paper Lions and sending questions to two other bands as well. stay tuned for the band galore ahead of us folks, bye for now!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Neutral Milk Hotel

Alright guys, so here are some images of the band for today. I love them very much and unfortunately, this fantastic band no longer is together. But don't worry guys, Jeff Mangum, lead singer and my personal love is on tour right now playing shows near you. Thirty dollar tickets may seem like alot but for a guy like this, i would pay thousands. So here is some info related to the band.
Neutral Milk Hotel was an American indie rock band formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Mangum in the early 1990s. The band was noted for its experimental sound, obscure lyrics and eclectic instrumentation.
The first release under the Neutral Milk Hotel moniker was the 1994 EP Everything Is, a short collection of tracks featuring Mangum. On the band's full-length debut album On Avery Island, which followed shortly thereafter, Mangum was joined by childhood friend and The Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider, who contributed production and instrumentation. Upon the album's release, the full band was formed and extensive touring began.
Neutral Milk Hotel released In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in 1998, which became their best-known and most critically acclaimed album. Although the album did not meet commercial success at the time of release, it has gone on to sell over 300,000 copies and received critical acclaim from several publications, including Pitchfork Media, Magnet Magazine, Allmusic, and The Pazz & Jop poll. Despite growing popularity, the group disbanded in 1999 after Mangum became disenchanted with touring and the music press, later having a nervous breakdown.
Neutral Milk Hotel is a part of The Elephant 6 Recording Company, based in Athens, Georgia. The band was one of Elephant 6's three first projects, alongside The Apples in Stereo and Olivia Tremor Control.

Alright folks, so there is my brief description and now, here are some band links. The first is for their video to my favorite song ''Holland, 1945'', the second is to their band page and the third is to their song ''In The Aeroplane Over The Sea''.,d.b2U

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Torn ACL's, The Naked Apes and Teton Avenue Concert

The Naked Apes Performance

Teton Avenue Performance

The Torn ACL's performance

Last night i attended a three band concert at The Flying M's in Nampa, Idaho. The show began with local Gothic Rock band, The Naked Apes, and if you are looking for a punk band with an alternative twist, then this is the band for you. With hard beats, sloppy riffs and tough, Dinosaur jr. meets darby crash vocals. This duo is like the tougher punk version of House of Freaks and resemble Jesus and The Mary Chain and The Mormons all at once. Twenty four year old Devon Roth has been through alot in his life including the passing away of his younger brother, but when he reaches that stage, it's as if a true star hits the stage. With a Fixtures touch, this guy is both the drummer and the singer of this band and he is like a tougher version of the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, with a sort of inaudible touch relating him to singers such as Stiv Bators, the vandals and Richard Hell. The loveable Teddy Bear of a guitarist, twenty one year old Gabe Arellano on his bright white guitar sits to the right of Devon cultivating both extraordinary facial hair as well as a metal/ thrash sound to the band. With the occasional beautiful beginning or ending, these guys truly hold to their musical tastes and with a chorus that screams ''Idaho'', this small town band really knows how to excite and relate to their audience. They call out for pits and bring out the inner anger in all of us like a true 70's punk band might and though maybe The Flying M really isn't their fort'e, to see these guys at an outdoor festival or even a backyard party would be a blast. They are definitely a Saturday night sort of band. After they left the stage, The Torn ACL's set up their equipment and started to get ready. From the minute i shook twenty seven year old lead singer William Cremins hand until the minute he left the stage, he was one of the sweetest and cutest people i had ever met. Backed by the gorgeous, hillarious and raunchy thirty two year old Tm McClanahan on Keyboard, occasional guitar and backup vocals, Bearded (Lars and The Real Girl look alike) , blue eyed sweetheart twenty seven year old Miles Ranisavljevic (and yes, his name really is that long, i didn't just write down random letters) on bass and background vocals, and goofy yet absolutely wonderful twenty six year old Chris Prairie filling in for their usual drummer while on tour, this quartet are like the alternative version of the average pop boy band of this generation. Their sound is like if Paper Lions, Tokyo Police Club, Los Campesinos, The Pistolas, Billie The Vision and The Dancers and One Direction were squished all in one. Yes, it does sound insane but they are like a hipster version of a boy band and i can say i don't think ive ever been into a boy band until i heard these guys. They had both humor and looks and their sweater and skin tight hoodie style only added to their overall look. They are definitely a must see for people in a good mood or for girls who want to be in a good mood (if you know what i mean). After they exited the stage, the final band of the night came up and did their thing, and what a thing that truly was. Teton Avenue are a group of highschool kids with a fantastic taste in music and an even more fantastic personality overall. Their music is like a mixture between Metronomy, Vampire Weekend, Miike SNOw, White Arrows, Reptar, Tokyo Police Club, Clem Snide, and a high pitched version of Joy Division. There also seems to be a sprinkle of british punk resembling The Zutons, Twisted Wheel, Los Campesinos, The Pistolas, The Verve, Arctic Monkeys and Blur. The fantastic drummer, sixteen year old Cecilio Rodriguez, also set a great beat to this five person band and the bluesy yet rough guitars by sixteen year old Brody Jones and seventeen year old Steven Anthony ''Richie'' Monarrez bring that rough england edge to it as well. It is then cooled off by the deep, Joy Division-like Bassplayer seventeen year old Abraham Pegg and with the charismatic and unique singer eighteen year old Jaime Espejo to top it all off, these young guys put the fun in Funf and seem to play way beyond their years. They jsut go out there and puti t all on the line acting insane and completely unique on stage and with head banging songs and melodies, dancing on stage, and wild feedback noise, they are a must see band whether you're completely wasted or in the mood for insanity and good times alike. i will be posting the interviews  between me and these bands shortly, but here is the show for now!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Woodkid Album Debut

Well folks, If you don't know Woodkid already from my post about the ever so talented Man, then know is the time to go out and do so by buying his new album which debuts March 18th. This Guy has one of the greatest voices i have ever heard and that is no lie. His music is the kind of music you feel obligated to listen to on a daily basis and he is one of those guys you just want to rape to say you did so. So without further ado, go out March 18th and find his new album Golden Age which will include alot of fan favorites including the trilogy songs ''Iron'', ''Run boy Run'' and ''I Love You''. That's all for right now people but stay tuned for upcoming show descriptions and the synopsis of a show i attended last weekend which should be up on the site by either today or tomorrow. Bye for now! Toodle Loo! :{D

Sunday, March 10, 2013

An Interview With Andy Prieboy


Alright guys, if you don't know him already, then here is a bit of information about Andy Prieboy. Andy took over for Stan Ridgway of Wall Of Voodoo in 1984, his musical genius seeped out immediately and from the first time i heard Seven Days in Sammystown on my record player i was given when i was a kid, i became a trememdous fan of both him and his music. The words he wrote and the vocals he added to this already fantastic band changed my life. He is the sole purpose for me being a writer and a musician and a few weeks ago i was given the ultimate opportunity as such a writer, i was given the chance to interview my inspiration. So without further ado, here is my interview with the superbly sweet and absolutely talented artist Andy Prieboy:

1- how did you come about taking Mr. Ridgway's position in the band?Did you ever contact the band beforehand?

Stan's last performance with Voodoo was May, 1983 . Almost a year of fruitless searching for a replacement followed . In March , 1984 , at a party, a drunk walked up to Voodoo's Bruce Moreland ,pointed at me, and said "'This is the guy you are looking for...I can tell by looking at him....this is the guy you want ."

With that, Bruce asked me if I was a musician. I said yes. Did I have a tape? I said yes . The next day I dropped off a tape with Far Side of Crazy on it . A few days later I was invited to come meet the guys. Soon after, I was invited to join them.

Mac Moreland later told me the percussion on the Far Side demo got me the job. "What was it !? " he asked, ''I can't figure it out. What is that sound? "

It was a clear plastic cup being hit with a wooden spoon spun through an Echoplex .

2- tell me about Seven Days In Sammystown, how did you develop such brilliant lyrics?

My main contributions to Sammystown was "Far Side of Crazy," " Room with a View. " "Blackboard Sky " and suggesting that we cover "Dark as a Dungeon" . I also wrote the lyrics to Marc Moreland's "Don't Spill My Courage ." Chas T.Gray's wonderful chorus on "This Business of Love" was combined with my lyrics and music on the verse.

"Far Side of Crazy," the lead track and a hit single in Australia, was the result of two events : one personal, one public . In 1981, I was working as a messenger at a law firm in San Francisco. In the offices below ours, a man came in with a box of roses for his estranged wife. From the box, he pulled out a shot gun and went on a rampage,killing his ex-wife and 8 others. I was coming into the building just as people were running out covered in blood . It was horrific.

Soon after that, John Hinkley Jr. shot President Reagan in an attempt to win the love of Jodie Foster .There you have it: Insanity, guns , frustration and love. The two events fused and within 3 days, I had written Far Side of Crazy . A way of processing the former by addressing the latter. That song lay dormant for 3 years til I showed it to Voodoo.
3-Were you always such an eloquent writer?

Writing is rewriting, Sam . I enjoy gathering information on the topic, writing the prose and extracting images and ideas . I enjoy scouring through the thesaurus to find the right word . I enjoy editing .

4- If you could change one thing about your musical career, what would it be and why?
When I joined Wall of Voodoo I wanted to learn from them and be a good team player . So, I adopted their method of composing. They'd create a track (on tape) and sing over it with a few rough ideas. The lyrics would gradually form that way.

While it worked beautifully for them, I did not feel satisfied with my work . Ultimately , I returned to the method which works best for me: hands on the piano, playing hard, singing loud, spiral notebook open, pencils ready . I sing a line out loud a million times until its absolutely right . Then sing the song a few million times more until it's solid . Far Side , which I wrote before Voodoo, was created this way. Wendy as well .

5- What were your best and worst venues you ever played as a musician and why
Its not the club, it's the performer. You have to make the best of an empty house just as you have to deal with a hostile full one . You will meet some of the best audiences in the dingiest club in the most unimportant of cities ...

 6- Name the weirdest thing that has ever happened at a show of yours
There are so many... but playing a Communist Festival in Italy may have been the worst. It took place in a courtyard of castle. I leaped on stage wearing a Ronald Reagan mask while waving a Communist Flag . I danced a fatuous rigadoon . The result ? The fans were thrilled. The Communists were horrified. I was physically attacked on stage. Our keyboardist dove into the crowd, attacking other Reds who were climbing the stage like marauding pirates. He accidentally sucker punched a bunch of fans who lovingly rushed towards him. A woman grabbed my mic and gave us a shrill lecture on the horrors of America and what asshole Americans were..The crowd cheered.

And we hadn't finished the first song...

7- Who were/ are your main inspirations musically, and why?

One of the traps of growing older is getting stuck in the pop music of one's youth. That's death . Erase your collection every ten years, I say. I ignore my early rock influences . Thats why I detest old Punk Rockers and their sad beer belly reunions . I swore I would never be like my parents , pointing at some tired fat guy on TV and saying "Hear that !? Now that is real music ! "
Presently, I am influenced by opera : I am just crazy about Benjamin Brittan . I love his Billy Budd. I'd love to cover Claggart's aria of repressed homosexual yearning towards Billy Budd. It is full of simmering rage . It's like Satan's twisted love song to Jesus.

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it ... and suffers..."

I approach opera as the highest form of song writing . Interesting how some composers have no ear for singable melody, while others do. What makes Mozart's Non Piu Andri as catchy as Yellow Submarine ? Why is Verdi's "Il Donna Mobile " so powerful ? It is such an awful moment. The Duke laughing to himself about how silly women are .Meanwhile, the woman he seduced watches him in secret , brokenhearted . The song is so proud . So heartless, and yet, it sweeps you up in The Dukes smug self satisfaction .
Lyrical influences? I use my baby grand piano as a desk, and have framed portrait of W.S.Gilbert upon it . When I look up from my notebooks, I am met with Gilbert's icy, inscrutable glare.
8- Would you consider wall Of Voodoo's music and particularly, you music, to be revolutionary for it's time?
By their very nature, any band from that first generation of Punk or New Wave was revolutionary . The first form of Voodoo was very innovative. Amazingly so. But a revolution must at some point stop and get on with it . That is where I came in . We took some of those elements that Marc, Chas, and Bruce had helped to create and placed them in a classic song form .

 9-Would you say that some of the new alternative bands were influenced by your musical endeavors?
 If I have inspired other people, I am very grateful . If they care to send me a check, I would be even more so.

10- What projects are you working on as of now? (Does not only have to pertain to music)

I never talk about songs or projects until they are done, Sam . It's bad luck. Thank you for asking, though .

11- What is one thing you could say to up and coming artists and bands?
Up and coming bands are doing just fine. They dont need my advice . Its the stagnating bands stuck in the middle I worry about . And what I would say to them is this :Don't ever take the advice of an old musician who stands in the shadows of oblivion. However, if they insist on doing so, I would say the following:
Get over your need to impress yourself and get used to the stink of your sweat .Get to work and write one song a day.
Woody Guthrie said he'd write three songs before breakfast . That is how good he was. And do you know how he got so good? He got so good because he made himself write three songs before breakfast.
12- What is one thing you would like to say to all of your adoring fans
I deeply want to thank the both of you.
Well Mr. Prieboy, you might see yourself as ''an old musician who stands in the shadows of oblivion'' but the way i see it, this guy is far from oblivion. His personality only matches his already fantastic musical career and i absolutely adored being in contact with this great artist. If you want to hear a bit of this talented artisit, i seriously suggest going out and picking up a vinyll record with white noise and all. This world needs more guys like Andy in my opinion and thank god there is never an end to the wonderful world of music. I hope to do more interviews with Andy in the future so be prepared for them and stay tuned for more bands, more shows and more talent!

New Artists Up Ahead

well guys, last night was pretty cool and i am currently talking with six bands about interviews that will be on the site in no time so stay tuned for that. i also am booking myself up with show after show so be ready for many more show interviews as well and some actual face to face video interviews too. Thanks for listening everyone! love you all!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Albion: This Is England

Alright guys, so about a month or so ago i interviewed an adorable and badass punk band from England. Today, i was  sent one of their new songs, so check it out and support these cool guys today!

The Bare Bones and Marshall Poole Concert

     the Bare Bones Pictures Taken By Samantha Lee

Marshall Poole Pictures Taken By Samantha Lee

                                                                 Marshall Poole Fans
                                                                  More Band Photos

            I suppose you could call last night one of those life altering nights in which every person involved seemed a little bit happier by the end of it. The setting ,for all of you non idahoans is an eclectic coffee shop in the center of Nampa, Idaho known as Flying M's. When you enter, couches and interesting people embrace you. The employees fit the hip agenda as well with crazy hair styles and terrific clothing that make you want to hear some good tunes and have some great coffee and tea. The gift shop in the corner only adds to the crazy and unique manner of this small coffee shop and when you walk through the doors to the coffee garage, you feel like you've stepped into an industrial makeover of an auto shop from the past including two stories of steel and wood and a stage where bands can rock your world. As for tonight, that is exactly what happened and i don't blame you if you think i am crazy, but my mind was completely blown from the sheer talent that these two bands possessed. In fact, it may be a crime to NOT listen to their music immediately after reading this. If it isn't a crime, then it should be. To begin the night, a funny and loveable  group of guys known as The Bare Bones were just the band we all seemed to need to get into the groove. The Bare Bones are like acid and  weed's peaceful yet empowering brother. When they begin to play, it's as if a cacophany of beautiful sounds explode into your ears leaving you absolutely speechless. You feel as if someone has ripped your heart yet cradled you to sleep all at once. twenty year old Chris Brock,  lead vocalist and professional badass is not only compelling with his bluesy, psychedelic (completely duct taped mind you) guitar riffs and melodic yet aggressive voice for as you listen to the brilliant words to their songs such as ''Devil's Medicine'' and ''Queen Of The Damned'' , you feel like you are listening to a prophetic poet as well. Backed by super tall, mellow and adorable eighteen year old Ben Zickau on rocking bass and the wild and twenty year old seemingly sweet bad boy Aaron Bossart on drums and cowbell of course, there is absolutely nothing off with this outstanding band in the least. Like a train on speed, their rhythms and beats are rough and smooth in unison following along with the words perfectly. This band is a must see for all music lovers and seem to bitch slap The Black Keys  and The Arctic Monkeys all at once. With a lineage to the punk bands of the early 70's and the hard blues and rock bands of the 60's, they give you a performance you are sure to never forget. After a brief intermission came the second band of the night, Marshall Poole. Marshall Poole may have been the second band to play but don't let that alter your perception of what a fantastic band they truly are. Hailing from Caldwell, Idaho, this small town band puts the indie in indie band finder. Their music is like if ''Jett'', ''The Voidoids'', ''Jesus and The Mary Chain'', ''The Dead Weather'', ''The Raconteurs'', ''Blue Cheer'', ''Trex'' and ''The New York Dolls'' had passionate orgy sex and birthed a divine child of musical genius. From the minute nineteen year old guitarist and vocalist Rider Soran began to fly his fingers across the neck of his sunburst guitar and screamed out vocals resembling a richer tone of Jack White, i could feel my mind melting like a piece of ice on a summer's day. They are one of the greatest bands instrumentally i have ever had the privilege to see. It was no surprise that a large crowd encompassed the stage from their first song to their last and with beautifully bitching eighteen year old Melanie Radford  who can easily be compared to pattie smith, florence and the machine, edie brickell , the dead weather and concret blonde combined on bass and vocals playing like a lead guitarist might and the cute and sweet eighteen year old Michael Hoobery on drums, this trio are one of those bands you pray never separates but rather lives on forever. You feel like you are at the greatest rock concert of all time when they hit the stage and despite the size of that stage, they occupy it like true heroes of their generation and with songs like '' Your Generation'' how can you even deny the fact that Rock and Roll still exists and these guys are the epidemy of it? With huge smiles, wriggling bodies, blasting riffs, mind blowing leads and head shaking melodies, these three put hair metal to shame and make the blues proud.  From fans to new listeners, by the end of their performance, all jaws are dropped and all fists are raised to the sky.

    After the show, i had the opportunity to interview both bands one on one and find out about the real them personally. Though i wanted to video tape the interview, technical difficulties with a faulty camera led me to improvise and write down the interview by hand instead. So without further ado, here are the band interviews.

The Bare Bones

1- So why the name The Bare Bones?
Chris- ''well, actually, we came up with the name but it is a bit raunchy to be honest and we really didn't want ot have that name but we had no choice because it caught on pretty fast, haha''
2-How did the band get together?
Aaron- '' well actually, i met Chris and originally we were just a two person band but we recently added Ben to the mix and it worked out pretty well''
Chris- '' But ben is always saying that he got with the band because he felt sorry for us hahaha''
(Group laughter)
3- what are each of your favorite songs to play live?
Chris- '' I would have to say Queen Of The Damned because it is super hard and upbeat and it lets me rock it out and lets the other guys rock it out too''
Aaron- '' i would have to say To fight a Grizzly Bear because it is super hardcore and fun to play''
Ben- '' yeah, i agree with Aaron, that's my favorite too.''
4- what were your worst venues you have played and why?
Chris- '' The worst was definitely this irish pub called Ha' Penny. it was like a restaurant or some shit and the guy just needed some live music. But the stupid part is that we start playing and the employees were really into it but then they came up to us and complained we were too loud. And there were no sound guys so we had to bring all of our own shit too. ''
Aaron- ''I would say the worst was actually the sundance sallon because it was like a two floor place and the stage was on the second floor. You were pretty much like background music for a bar and it felt like you were in a cage.''

5- what is the weirdest thing that has ever happened at a show of yours?
Chris- ''Ben, we need to tell her about your first show with us! HAHA well it was actually a burlesque show and they had a bearded lady sing opera and some chick do pole dancing as princess leah from star wars and they went on for like hours and hours and then the area had this rule that you can't play loud music after 11.
Ben- ''well, we were supposed to be first haha''
Aaron- ''and then we were supposed to go on at ten, but then it wound up being like 11''
chris- ''yeah but the guy still let us play for like twenty minutes and we got paid anyways''
6- if you could each meet one person in history, who would it be and why?
Ben- ''well, i'd say Louis Armstorng in the '20's because i have been watching this jazz documentary recently and i think he is just so talented. ''
Chris- '' i actually was talking aboot this a couple days ago, i think it would be so badass to just hang out and play pool with Tom Waits and Steve Buscemi. I don't know though, maybe they hate eachother haha! But i loved Steve Buscemi in Paris, Je Taime. ''
Me- ''Holy Hell! I love that movie too!''
Aaron- '' I think i would like to meet Henry Thoreau, I just think it was so cool how he isolated himself in a cabin and just lived off the land, you know? Him, or Buddy Rich because he is such a good drummer for his time!''
7- what are your plans for the future of the band?
Aaron- '' Play on the moon definitely''
 Ben- '' In the year 2573!''
(Group Laughter)
Chris- '' No, but seriously, i have been working on getting a new house because of a short sale-''
Aaron- ''we've been working on this for two years now mind you, haha''
Chris- '' haha, shut up, but really, when i get the house, i want to set up a home studio and record and make a legitimate record. ''
8- what genre would you say you are?
Chris- '' i came up with this actually a couple months ago, and i really like it, i would say we are like gothic blues, i don't know if that is really a thing but i like it haha''
Me- ''well i think that's what Tom Waits is''
Chris- '' Exactly!"
9- what do you feel about the music of today? Do you think that the bands of today will be as influential to the future as music from the past is to us?
Aaron- ''I think that it will, unfortunately, because the kids of today will listen to the radio's bullshit and be influenced by it definitely, but i think that indie music is just so mainstream now if you want to know the truth. like the idea behind it changed. ''
Me- '' well indie really isn't a genre anyways, it means independent, that's more of a status.''
Ben- '' well, see, i disagree with you Aaron because i don't think kids will listen to the radio at all. i think that the computer is so huge right now and it will be their first source because the radio doesn't let you chose what you listen to, so i think kids will go find what they want to listen to on the internet''
Chris- '' well as long as dubstep doesn't influence us it's all good with me. haha i think that dubstep is really just a phase, just part of the evolutionary process, i don't think it's gonna last very long, it's kind of like surf rock, you know, it was once big but it isn't any longer. ''
Me- '' skrillex in wheelchairs! i can totally see it, they could use their oxygen tanks to make new sounds haha''
(group laughter)
Aaron- ''yeah, but really i think that it's just a transiltional music phase, we hope at least haha''

10-  if you were all in a zombie apocalypse, who would die first?
Aaron- '' Iwould say Chris.''
Chris-'' dude, why me? I have my own gun bitch!"'
Aaron- "Yeah but i have more guns than you!"
Chris-'' Yeah but they're YOUR DADS! I bought my own! haha"
Ben- (Eyes shifting back and forth in a severe creeper tone) I have more guns than you would think...
Me- ''haha that was a tad bit creepy!
(Group laughter)
Me- no, but seriously, let's get rid of all the weapons, just you against those fast ass zombies, you know the kind that seem like they're on energy drinks and shit, who's going down first?"
Aaron- "Chris haha"
11-what is one thing you would like to say to up and coming artists?
Chris- '' i guess just go at your own pace, don't take yourself too seriously, have fun with it you know and don't try to follow a genre and be something you're not''
Aaron-'' yeah, and don't care what people think of you, just keep doing what you do''
Ben-'' i'd say be great or be terrible, because if you're great then you can play with us and if you're terrible, you'll make us look better haha''
12-  what is one thing you would like to say to all your adoring fans out there?
Aaron- '' We have adoring fans?''
Chris- '' we really aren't too big right now, we'd like to be but we really don't have that many fans at all actually''
Aaron- '' i guess, uh, haha, we need more of you! haha
(Group laughter)

Well that was the end of the interview with this hysterical band, at this point lights began to dissipate in the tiny coffee shop and we were the last people there. As the band walked away, i called over to Marshall poole to take a seat and get ready for the interview so here is their interview with Indie Band Finder:

Marshall Poole:

1- So why the name Marshall Poole?
Rider-'' Well, originally me and Michael were called Black ice haha but then one day, i was walking down the street and i saw this sign that was for a street called Marshall Place but it just said ''Marshall Pl.'' and we actually practice in a pool house so, you know Marshall Pool. We added the ''e''e for class haha''
Michael- '' yeah, like Sam Cooke haha''
(Group Laughter)
2-How did the band get together?
Rider- Well me and Michael started playing together in middle school actually."
Melanie-" Yeah, but my highschool actually had live musicals and we didn't have a guitarist so they hired Rider to play and that's when we met.
Rider-'' but then we all went to this summer jazz camp together and we saw eachother again.''\
me-'' so is that when you started playing together?''
Michael- '' No, actually after that we dind't talk to eachother''
Rider-'' and then one day me and michael were talkign about how we really needed a bass player and i was like hey how about that Melanie chick from Jazzcamp and she came down and jammed and the chemistry was just right and then she joined the band."
3- what are each of your favorite songs to play live?
Rider- '' i'd say mine is crosstops''
Michael-'' mine is miserlou''
Rider-'' wait one, it has to be original right?
Me-'' well it does but i'll let him slip, it's cool."
Michael-'' yeah dude there's no rules.''
Rider-'' no, no, i wanna know which one of ours you like to play most''
Michael-'' fine, fine, i guess i'd have to say just the way i am''
Rider-'' haha, got your ass muthafuckah haha''
(Group Laughter)
Melanie- I'd say mine is Take.

At this point, the Flying M employees were actually leavign and kicked us out so we did the rest of the interview on a metal amgazine holder outside of the store i nthe dark while soft jazz music played from the speakers in the downtown area''

4- what were your best venues you have played and why?
Rider-'' Definitely the fucking Yacht Club!"
(Group agreement and laughter)
Rider-"Its awesome because people get so into it there! It's some crazy ass shit!"
5- what is the weirdest thing that has ever happened at a show of yours?
Rider-'' Haha, well there's alot of those but i'd definitely have to say the yacht club again!
Michael-'' haha, yeah, the biker chicks dude!''
Rider-'' Oh ya! So there were these biker chicks and we are playing and then they just start giving eachother lap dances and shit and there is this girl at the front of the stage and she is lifting her skirt up to us all haha. And then this guy comes in, and the dude is wearing these bright pink booty shorts, and he had this golden curly hair, and a silver sequenced shirt on and he enters the place and walks over to the bar and just powerhouses ten shots and then he gets to the front of the stage and he's like ''you guys rock...'' and i was just like '' no man, YOU ROCK'' hahahahaha''
(serious Group laughter)
6- if you could each meet one person in history, who would it be and why?
Rider- '' oh dude, i would have to say Jack White forsure''
Michael-'' i would want to meet the guy who invented LSD haha''
Melanie-'' I think i would liek to meet Pattie Smith because she had such a great stage presence you know?''
Me- '' Yeah, she was just like 'I AM WOMAN' and she just had this sort of masculine beauty, i mean have you ever seen her armpits?''
Melanie-'' haha, no i haven't, why?''
Me- '' they're just covered in hair seriously, like giant bushels of hair i swear''
Rider-'' haha well that's not cool''
Me- '' yeah, no it isn't haha someone seriosuly needed to take a weed wacker to that shit''
Michael- '' Actually, can i change my answer, i would liek to meet Pattie Smith's armpit hair''
(Group Laughter)
Me- ''well i really think it was an entity of it's own so that might be possible''
Michael- '' yeah, i'd try to talk to it and it would just be like (reaches finger out to imaginary lips) ''shhhh'' hahaha''
(Group laughter again)

7- who are each of your main inspirations?
Rider- '' I'd say mine would be Led Zeppelin because when i listened to their music, i just felt like, ''man, i need to be playing guitar, this is what i need to do''
Michael-'' Well, i'd actually have to say Rider, because if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be playing in the first place''
Me- ''wow, true love guys, this is some seriously romantic stuff''
Rider-'' oh hell yes'' (Both guys reachover to eachother and hold eachother's hands)
 Me- "awww, how cute.."
Melanie-Haha, well mine would probably have to be the white stripes because i have been listenign to them since like elementary school and also Jessica Lea Mayfield because when i heard her music, her songs seemed just so effortless and i thought to myself '' i can do that'' and so i just started singing and playing''

8- what are your plans for the future of the band?
Melanie-'' Touring''
Rider-'' Oh, yes , definitely touring and getting a label''
Michael- '' and part hearty''
Rider- '' yeah, definitely part hearty'' and get more kids into Rock and Roll you know?
9-what genre would you say you are?
Rider- '' i think we are rock and roll, not rock though because that is like nickelback, nickelback is what we call rock''
Me-'' or shit, you coudl call them that too haha''
 (Group Laughter) Melanie- '' i would say we are like Modern Rock and Roll"
10-what do you feel about the music of today? Do you think that the bands of today will be as influential to the future as music from the past is to us?
Michael- '' I think we will but like not at the same level you know?
Rider-'' a buddy of mine named Tim Smith had this great quote, he said, ''Anything great is just backlash for bullshit''
11- if you were all in a zombie apocalypse, who would die first?
Rider and Michael in unison- ''Melanie''
(laughter, melanie raises her hand)
Melanie- ''yeah, haha, me''
Rider- '' yeah we would just trip her and get away haha''
Me- ''god, how terrible haha''
Melanie-'' yeah, i'm in a band full of assholes haha''
Rider-'' i don't know though, me and Michael smoke so she would probably outrun us''
Me- '' yeha, but you said you'd trip her''
Rider-'' yeah, true haha''
12-what is one thing you would like to say to up and coming artists?
Rider-'' Listen More, Play more''
13-what is one thing you would like to say to all your adoring fans out there?
Melanie- '' umm, probably just thank you for all the support''
Rider-''yeah, thanks for just being there for us and shit''
Michael- ''Yupp''

After the interview, we all went our separate ways in the dark finishing off a fantastic night of msuic and laughter. These two bands not only play amazing music but are amazing people as well, so go out and listen to these two bands today because they deserve all the fans in the world and apparently need more anyways haha i have some links for you guys so you can check them out as well, the first two are to The Bare Bones website and their facebook page, the third is to the facebook page for Marshall Poole, the fourth is to Marshall Poole's song '' i know what i know'', the fifth is to their song ''Build me up just to break me down'', the sixth is to their song ''When the lights are low'', the seventh is to their song ''synergy'' , the eighth is to The Bare Bones in the studio, the ninth is to the music video to their song '' Limbo'' and ofcoursem ake sure to hear my personal favorite Devil's medicine on their facebook page because it is really fantastic.

 Well, that's all folks, the big shebang, stay tuned for tonight's show in which i will be doing three more exclusive itnerview, i love y'all sooo much, and i hope you love these great bands as much as i  do guys!