Sunday, March 3, 2013

Indie Musician Of The Day


Okay guys, so i have a wonderful treat for you at last, as i have been saying, i was going to interview a very talented musician and so now, without further ado, here he is. The wonderful Noah Sturm from The Sleep Tapes. Check it out, rock it out, and stay tuned for the next great band i am interviewing soon from Russia.
1-why did you name your music Sleep Tapes
When I was a kid I would make these mixed cassette tapes for myself to fall asleep to. They weren't really slow or calming songs necessarily, but songs that really opened up my imagination. Songs that had very vivid imagery, and that would be the only thing I could fall asleep to. So the name is my way of trying remind myself to make songs like those. Songs that take you somewhere else.
 2-who are your main inspirations
 It changes all the time. When I was really young it was James Taylor and Jackson Brown. They made me want to play guitar and sing. But now it's not just music that inspires me. It's really anything artistic. Anything that reminds me how much I like to be creative.
 3-when did you begin playing music and why
 I didn't really start playing guitar until I was 13 or 14 but wanted to since I can remember. I'm not really sure why. I just saw people doing it and I was instantly convinced that was all I wanted to do
 4-what are the best venues you have played so far
 I like the more unconventional gigs like playing in someone's living room or back yard. I haven't played a lot of big venues and all the bar and club gigs tend to bleed into one memory. But the smaller shows have more of a connection and it's really a better opportunity to tell a story.
5-where are you from and how old are you
 I'm 26, I was born in Ohio and spent some time in Florida until we moved to Los Angeles when I was 10. And I've pretty much been here since then. But I've always moved around a lot.
6- what was the most fantastic thing to ever happen to you
Wow I'm not sure. So many good things have happened with music for me. I'm doing everything myself too so every little good thing that happens seems like the best thing ever.
7-what is your favorite song to play
 Probably "What Does Not Belong To You". It kinda just moves itself along. It always feels like I'm connecting with the room when I play that one. It's very honest and heartfelt and it's always been rewarded.
8- if you could meet one person from any time in history, who would it be and why
I had a Great Uncle who looked a lot like me. I'd like to see him face to face and see if we both pass out like in Back to the Future.
9-what are your dreams for the future of Sleep Tapes
 Really just to reach more people and to make better and better songs. My ambition is to always be better at what I'm doing.
 10-have you been on tour and if not, would you like to
No I haven't really been on tour like a lot of bands. But I like to travel and I play almost everywhere I go so a tour almost seems eventual.
 11- what is your favorite thing to do besides music
I like to paint too. I've gotten away from it a little recently but I just bought some canvases the other day.
12-what is the weirdest thing that has ever happened at a show of yours
 I was playing at this bar with a few people and we were kinda rotating after playing a song or two. And this really old drunk guy kept trying to sneak into the rotation. Eventually we let him have the mic and it just dissolved into madness. It got a little old when he kept playing the same song though.
 13-what do you want to get out of music
There's something I get out of music that I don't get out of anything else. I'm not really sure what it is, but probably the whole process of telling a story and creating an experience. That's all I've ever really wanted out of music.
14- when will be your next time in the studio
I record everything I have at home. I'm finishing up some work on a few songs now. I'm always kind of working on something, whether it's writing or recording.
15- name your best attribute about yourself and about your music
My best attribute is probably my earnestness. The effort I put in. And my insistence that every part of a song has to say something. There's no waste.
16- what do you want to accomplish with your music before you die
 I would like to do music on a bigger scale and have to opportunity to be more connected to other musicians from all over the world. To me that's what the real reward of being an accomplished musician is. Just to be able to do it all the time.

So that's all folks, a fantastic musician and an even better guy, now go out and check out his funky tunes today! the first link is to his song white cloud and the the second is to his song what does not belong to you which as we all know is his favorite to play so check em out

Welp, that's all i got, ta ta for now dear followers, and stay tuned for more great bands that lie ahead


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