Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Torn ACL's, The Naked Apes and Teton Avenue Concert

The Naked Apes Performance

Teton Avenue Performance

The Torn ACL's performance

Last night i attended a three band concert at The Flying M's in Nampa, Idaho. The show began with local Gothic Rock band, The Naked Apes, and if you are looking for a punk band with an alternative twist, then this is the band for you. With hard beats, sloppy riffs and tough, Dinosaur jr. meets darby crash vocals. This duo is like the tougher punk version of House of Freaks and resemble Jesus and The Mary Chain and The Mormons all at once. Twenty four year old Devon Roth has been through alot in his life including the passing away of his younger brother, but when he reaches that stage, it's as if a true star hits the stage. With a Fixtures touch, this guy is both the drummer and the singer of this band and he is like a tougher version of the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, with a sort of inaudible touch relating him to singers such as Stiv Bators, the vandals and Richard Hell. The loveable Teddy Bear of a guitarist, twenty one year old Gabe Arellano on his bright white guitar sits to the right of Devon cultivating both extraordinary facial hair as well as a metal/ thrash sound to the band. With the occasional beautiful beginning or ending, these guys truly hold to their musical tastes and with a chorus that screams ''Idaho'', this small town band really knows how to excite and relate to their audience. They call out for pits and bring out the inner anger in all of us like a true 70's punk band might and though maybe The Flying M really isn't their fort'e, to see these guys at an outdoor festival or even a backyard party would be a blast. They are definitely a Saturday night sort of band. After they left the stage, The Torn ACL's set up their equipment and started to get ready. From the minute i shook twenty seven year old lead singer William Cremins hand until the minute he left the stage, he was one of the sweetest and cutest people i had ever met. Backed by the gorgeous, hillarious and raunchy thirty two year old Tm McClanahan on Keyboard, occasional guitar and backup vocals, Bearded (Lars and The Real Girl look alike) , blue eyed sweetheart twenty seven year old Miles Ranisavljevic (and yes, his name really is that long, i didn't just write down random letters) on bass and background vocals, and goofy yet absolutely wonderful twenty six year old Chris Prairie filling in for their usual drummer while on tour, this quartet are like the alternative version of the average pop boy band of this generation. Their sound is like if Paper Lions, Tokyo Police Club, Los Campesinos, The Pistolas, Billie The Vision and The Dancers and One Direction were squished all in one. Yes, it does sound insane but they are like a hipster version of a boy band and i can say i don't think ive ever been into a boy band until i heard these guys. They had both humor and looks and their sweater and skin tight hoodie style only added to their overall look. They are definitely a must see for people in a good mood or for girls who want to be in a good mood (if you know what i mean). After they exited the stage, the final band of the night came up and did their thing, and what a thing that truly was. Teton Avenue are a group of highschool kids with a fantastic taste in music and an even more fantastic personality overall. Their music is like a mixture between Metronomy, Vampire Weekend, Miike SNOw, White Arrows, Reptar, Tokyo Police Club, Clem Snide, and a high pitched version of Joy Division. There also seems to be a sprinkle of british punk resembling The Zutons, Twisted Wheel, Los Campesinos, The Pistolas, The Verve, Arctic Monkeys and Blur. The fantastic drummer, sixteen year old Cecilio Rodriguez, also set a great beat to this five person band and the bluesy yet rough guitars by sixteen year old Brody Jones and seventeen year old Steven Anthony ''Richie'' Monarrez bring that rough england edge to it as well. It is then cooled off by the deep, Joy Division-like Bassplayer seventeen year old Abraham Pegg and with the charismatic and unique singer eighteen year old Jaime Espejo to top it all off, these young guys put the fun in Funf and seem to play way beyond their years. They jsut go out there and puti t all on the line acting insane and completely unique on stage and with head banging songs and melodies, dancing on stage, and wild feedback noise, they are a must see band whether you're completely wasted or in the mood for insanity and good times alike. i will be posting the interviews  between me and these bands shortly, but here is the show for now!

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