Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Woodkid Album Debut

Well folks, If you don't know Woodkid already from my post about the ever so talented Man, then know is the time to go out and do so by buying his new album which debuts March 18th. This Guy has one of the greatest voices i have ever heard and that is no lie. His music is the kind of music you feel obligated to listen to on a daily basis and he is one of those guys you just want to rape to say you did so. So without further ado, go out March 18th and find his new album Golden Age which will include alot of fan favorites including the trilogy songs ''Iron'', ''Run boy Run'' and ''I Love You''. That's all for right now people but stay tuned for upcoming show descriptions and the synopsis of a show i attended last weekend which should be up on the site by either today or tomorrow. Bye for now! Toodle Loo! :{D

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