Saturday, January 12, 2013

indie band of the day

alright guys, so here is the indie band of the day, they happen to be personal friends of mine but i'm not just adding them because of that, they are one of the best new punk bands out there in my opinion. Not only do they bring a sort of pizzaz to the scene that has been missing for quite some time but for all the ladies out there, these guys bring the charm back when it comes to punk. sure, you could go out and pay two hundred dollars to see some dying has-beens but i can assure you you won't get the kind of stage presence, attitude and energy these guys exhibit on a daily basis. so without further ado, here is my interview with this outstanding up and coming band ''Albion'' :
1-why did you guys name the band albion?
Albion is an old term for Great Britain and we view it as mythical vehicle/vessel which allows you to escape reality. So in a way we view our music as a mirror to society and as a vehicle to escape the problems with society, life and the world around whilst also providing an escape from such issues. Live outside your head, live inside a song!
2-who are your main inspirations?
We all have separate inspirations ranging from The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, Beatles to Nirvana but as a group our main influences are Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Gallows, Dead Kennedys and The Ramones.
3-when did the band form and how?
February 2012, we just got talking about music and how much we’d love to make our own and just jam as a group.

4-where are you all from and how old is each member?
Jake Osborn (lead guitar, vocals)- 19 years oldSimon Ward (rhythm guitar definitely no vocals) – 19 years old
Simon Greenmore (bass, backing vocals)- 22 years old
Mark Greenmore (mums, bums and drums, backing vocals) – 20 years old
We are all from Suffolk, England near the town of Ipswich
5-were you friends before the band?
We all went to the same high school and have been friends for 5 years, but playing music has certainly brought us closer as a group.
6-what is your favorite song to play?
It’s a close call between a new song we’ve written Walls of Babylon (to be released on our new album) and We Stand Up but we’ll go for We Stand Up!

7- if you could each meet one person, who would it be and why?

Jake Osborn- James Matthews, from the band More Than Life as they are my favourite band and I’m actually meeting him Saturday!!!! [which for the people who were wondering, he did meet him]Simon Ward- Kurt Cobain, as without him I wouldn’t have picked up guitar or been able to discover the DC Hardcore scene.
Simon Greenmore- John Kay, from the band Steppenwolf, as he has a positive attitude towards liberalism in comparison to his more apathetic peers from that era.
Mark Greemore- John Bonham, he’s the reason I keep breaking sticks!
8-what are your dreams for the future of the band?
To gig and hopefully tour as much as possible

9-would you ever visit the US for a tour?
10- what are your guys' favorite things to do besides music?
Listen to music, getting inked watch sport and comedy movies/films such as Naked Gun, Airplane and Harry Enfield.  [which for anyone who was wondering, Naked Gun and Airplane are Indie Band Girl's favorite movies besides donnie darko,american psycho and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.]
11-what do you want to get out of music?
To unify an otherwise disenfranchised generation, to be able to come together to bring about the possibility of change.

12- when will be your next time in the studio?
Hopefully in the next few months, over Christmas we recorded 3 cover tracks to release on the internet within the next month so keep ya ears open!!!
Well if you couldn't tell from their answers alone, these boys are hillarious and wonderful as hell, so make sure to check out their music as soon as possible, here are the links, the first is to their song ''kick someone about'' , the second is to their song, ''peter longstockings'' and the other link is to their facebook page where you can find out more about the band and keep updated on their shows and recording dates.

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