Friday, January 25, 2013

indie band of the day

okay guys, so here is the indie band of the day, they're called the myrrors and they bring the sixties back to this new generation with a modern twist! so here is the band info:
The Myrrors were an underground psychedelic rock group from Phoenix, Arizona consisting of Nik Rayne on sitar, guitar and vocals, Cesar Alatorre on guitar, Christopher Safi on bass and Grant Beyshau on drums and percussion. They released one record in 2008 entitled Burning Circles In The Sky before splitting up in late 2009. Various tracks by the band have been included on various psychedelic rock compilations by labels such as Psyilocybin Sounds and Quixodelic Records.
and now here are the links, the first is to their song ''warpainting'' and the second is to their song ''mother of all living''

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