Wednesday, January 2, 2013

indie band of the day

okay guys, so here is the indie band of the day, they're called Wild Kingdom and they are really awesome, the funny part about this band is that i just met these guys yesterday, the singer/ guitarist Austin hit me up and let me know about his band on youtube and thank god he did because they are just the kind of band i'm looking for, they have talent, swagger, energy and ofcourse they are young which means they have plenty more years of being amazing on their belts, now when we talked Austin gave me the info about his band and so here it is:

Wild Kingdom is a indie/alternative rock band founded by Austin X. Myles at age 17. We are from a small place called Tyler, Texas. I started the band with closed friend and coworker, Rodrigo Gomez(also 17 at the time) who didn't play any instruments at the time but i showed him how to play a few things on bass and he picked up the rest on his own. We looked to our mutual friend Aaron Dacus(18) for drums and started practicing at my house every Sunday in about April of 2012. At first we were a little confused on who would do the singing because we had all been in bands before and that was one of the scary things that no one ever stepped up to do. I didn't really think i had the voice for it but i practiced on my vocals and became the singer. In an attempt to try to get more buzz before we ever played shows I recorded music in my room and uploaded the songs to Soundcloud. The feedback we got from Soundcloud made us practice harder until we finally booked our first show in July and followed that with another. From there we booked shows around east Texas on the regular, and ended up getting a front cover spot on a local magazine called Pulse Tyler. We didnt hit our real first bump in the road until early November of 2012 when we made the mutual decision for our drummer to leave the band. Since then we have just been working on newer material. I just filled in on the drum parts for the recordings now. Just recently in December we did find a replacement drummer and added a second guitarist. We are very eager to get back gigging again and have plans to start recording an album probably over the Summer and have a music video to go with it.

and that is exactly how he wrote it, it sounds like he could take my job haha, now here are the band links, check them out i swear, you won't be disappointed

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