Tuesday, January 8, 2013

indie band of the day

okay guys, so here is the indie band of the day, they're called grandaddy and the way i found them is actually pretty hillarious. one day i was searching at a local thriftstore for some records to add to my record collection when i saw the cover of one of their albums shine out at me. i turned to their cd and bought it instantly and when i got in the car i put it in the cd player immediately. when i heard the first song ''jeez louise'' i fell in love with their band and knew i had to hear more, so now i am a big fan of them and so should you, the band is no longer a band but the singer still occasionally plays solo shows so you have the chance of hearing him live at least, needlessto say, here is the band info:
Grandaddy is an American indie rock band from Modesto, California, formed in 1992. The band consists of Jason Lytle (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Kevin Garcia (bass guitar), Aaron Burtch (drums), Jim Fairchild (guitar) and Tim Dryden (keyboards).
After several self-released records and cassettes the band signed to Will Records in the US and later the V2 subsidiary Big Cat Records in the UK, going on to sign an exclusive deal with V2. The bulk of the band's recorded output was the work of Lytle, who worked primarily in home studios. The band released four studio albums before splitting in 2006, with band members going on to solo careers and other projects. Grandaddy reformed in 2012 and have since made a number of live appearances.Grandaddy was formed in 1992 by singer, guitarist, and keyboardist Jason Lytle, bassist Kevin Garcia, and drummer Aaron Burtch. The group was initially influenced by US punk bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Brains.Lytle was a former professional skateboarder, who had turned to music after a knee injury forced him to stop, working at a sewage treatment works to fund the purchase of equipment, and several of the band's early live performances were at skateboarding competitions. The band members constructed a studio at the Lytle family home, and the band's first release was the self-produced cassette Complex Party Come Along Theories in April 1994.Singles "Could This Be Love" and "Taster" followed later that year.[5] In 1995, guitarist Jim Fairchild (another ex-pro-skater who had guested with the band before) and keyboardist Tim Dryden joined the band.A second cassette, Don't Sock the Tryer was withdrawn, with the band instead releasing debut mini-album A Pretty Mess by This One Band in April 1996 on the Seattle-based Will label.In 1997 they released their debut full-length album Under the Western Freeway, and with the help of Howe Gelb, signed a UK deal with Big Cat Records (by then a subsidiary of V2), who reissued the album the following year.The album included the single "A.M. 180", which was featured during a sequence in the 2002 British film 28 Days Later, and is also used as the theme song for the BBC Four television series Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, and for an advertisement for Colin Murray's BBC Radio 1 show. "A.M. 180" was also used in television commercials for the Dodge Journey automobile. One of the album's singles, "Summer Here Kids", was awarded 'Single of the Week' by the NME."Summer Here Kids" is also used as the theme music for another Charlie Brooker-fronted show, BBC Radio 4's So Wrong It's Right. The album led to an increase in the band's popularity in Europe, and a main stage performance at the Reading Festival in 1998, although it was only a success in the US when later reissued by V2. With the band busy touring in 1999, their next release was the compilation The Broken Down Comforter Collection.

and now, here are their links, the first is to their song ''elevate myself'', the second is their song ''where i'm anymore'' which is my personal favorite, and the third is to their music page.




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