Thursday, May 16, 2013

The First Ever Indie Band Finder Contest!!

Things have been so much fun recently for the site that the staff here at IBF decided to have a contest! So here are the terms:

Band Contest Terms:

If you are in an independent band, you qualify for the IBF Band Contest! send some songs and pictures of your band to our email account at and tell us a brief explanation about your band in the email! Let us know where you are from and what music you all play and you may have the chance of getting an exclusive article from the site including a full bio, interview, music links and pictures! If you feel your band has what it takes to be The Next Best Thing, let us know today! All entries must be sent in by Friday, May 31st! Good luck!!

Indie Band Finder Contest Terms:

Think you've got what it takes to be an official ''Indie Band Finder" ? let us know why you are the ultimate Indie Band Finder today! Send in either a video or an email of bands you found that we haven't to our email account and you can have the chance to win an ultimate access pass to our site as one of our highly esteemed journalists as well as have a short bio and picture post uploaded to the site! All entries must be turned in by Friday, May 31st! Good luck fellow IBF's!

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