Thursday, May 16, 2013

Indie Band Of The Day

Alright Folks, you know, they say some people are destined for bad luck and to be honest, i would have to believe i am one of them! Needless to say, two black widow spider bites, a trip to the hospital and a loss of my cat to a speeding saturn are only a few of the things that have happened to me in this week alone! Well, enough about mw now, here is the terrific band of the day! these guys have truly helped me out these past days in the hospital and at home so it only seems fair that you have their music to calm your hectic and terrible days as well! Without further ado, here is a little about this terrific band, Times New Viking:

Times New Viking is a lo-fi indie rock band from Columbus, Ohio. The lineup consists of guitarist Jared Phillips, drummer Adam Elliott, and Beth Murphy on keyboards. Murphy and Elliott share vocal duties. Their name, "Times New Viking," is a play on the popular typeface Times New Roman. They have released five albums: 2005's Dig Yourself, 2007's Present the Paisley Reich, and 2008's Rip It Off, which NME gave an 8/10, and 2009's Born Again Revisited. Rip it Off reached No. 17 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.The band was formerly signed to Siltbreeze and Matador Records. In January 2011, they announced that their fifth album, Dancer Equired!, will be released in April via Merge in the US, Wichita in Europe, Pop Frenzy in Australia and Big Nothing in Japan.
Times New Viking have been noted for their lo-fi aesthetic, recorded to cassette, which drew comparisons to Guided by Voices' early material. This also meant they were considered part of the "shitgaze" genre, alongside contemporaries such as Psychedelic Horseshit and Eat Skull. Notable features of their songs include shouted vocals, distorted drums and loud, trebly guitars, in addition to tape hiss and brevity. Their lyrics are generally sloganistic and feature pop culture references.
With 2009's Born Again Revisited, the band recorded the album to VHS and commented the recording fidelity had increased by 25%. In 2010, the group released a 7" single available on their tours opening for Guided by Voices. The single, featuring "No Room to Live", displayed cleaner production, a result of the band utilising proper recording studios for the first time – namely Musicol Recording studio and Columbus Discount Recordings. It has been reported by Merge Records that Dancer Equired! will also feature this production style.

As you can probably already tell, these crazy guys are like a Jay Reatard, Psychedelic Horseshit and DUDES mixture with a psychotic noise explosion that questions all life in its own simplistic existence. They are one of my personal favorites ( as well as one of comedian Demetri Martin's favorite bands)  and have a special place in my heart and so, here are a few links so you can open that same place in your heart for this fantastic band! The first is to their song, " no time, no hope", the second is to their song, "No room to live", the third is to their song, " Ever Falling in Love" and the final link is to their BandPage! Hope you enjoy this terrific band and Stay Tuned for more bands up ahead!!,d.aWM

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