Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Newest Addition To The Fabulous Crew Here At Indie Band Finder!

pictures courtesy of Nathan Austin and Samantha Lee

Well Folks, since we just so happen to be the coolest group of music lovers on the planet here at IBF, it was only obvious that twenty year old photographer, artist and personal friend Nathan Austin from Nampa, Idaho join us on this glorious journey for the best music across the world. So be prepared for some mind blowing band shots from none other than the Uke Man himself! In his spare time, Nathan says he likes long topless walks on the beack, wanking off to pictures of cats in tutus and doing art obviously! (his words not mine, haha, but now do you see how easy it is to become one of our photographers or writers??) Needless to say, he completely fits the bill here at IBF considering that's what all of us spend our days doing really, so enjoy some of his wonderful shots on our upcoming stories and i'll catch you all on the flip side!! Toodles!!
                                                            - Samantha Lee (Indie Band Girl)
                                                                  Editor and Lead Journalist

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