Monday, December 31, 2012

special surprise for new years

okay so this is not something i will do very often, but on special occasions, i will post personal friend's bands as second bands of the day, this is so that you can check out true independent bands as well as see the potential of bands you wouldn't normally find, so for this special occasion, i am posting my family's good friend Dave's band, they aren't a soft and sweet band like most of the bands you will see on this site, these guys are tough as hell and they bring the badass in badass music, not only do they rock your mind with their melodic deep guitar riffs but the vocals blow you away, whether it is their albums or their live shows, these guys are sure to rock your socks off, they're called Yidhra, and they are amazing, so here is their info :

Yidhra's 4 track promo ep is out and at only $5 it is a essential pick up for you doomsters who love traditional doom played with a sense of freshness. Even though they are playing a very traditional style of doom, the combination of a vocalist that doesn't really sound like anyone else and a rich full guitar sound with catchy riffs makes this ep irresistible. The CD opens with "The Lament Of Long...inus" which some of you might have heard on the new Doom Metal Alliance sampler that is making the rounds at the moment. This song is in the vein of Saint Vitus at their very best, a slow intro section starts off the track in a haunting fashion before launching a huge riff. The guitar is thick but has a clean biting sound with the just right amount of fuzz. The track has a repetitive riff but at the halfway point in changes down a gear to a even slower tempo with some demented soloing that is twisted and eerie at the same time. The track then returns to the main riff to finish out the track. "Witch Queen" is up next, a Sabbath inspired doom riff kicks the track into pure doom and gloom atmosphere but the track really gets into gear when a the mid tempo section comes in. A stomping, head snapping power-metal riff to be sure but it shifts back and forth from that to total doom. The solo at around the 5 minute mark wails before they take it back to doomsville with that killer opening riff to round of a great track. "Ancient Ones" is more Saint Vitus style doom with a creeping riff line and spoken word type of singing before he returns to his bellowing vocals during the chorus. I really dig this dude's voice and like i mentioned before he somehow manages to sound original even though is vocal technique is a much used one. The guitar crunch is really on display on this track especially at 4 minutes into the song where there is a extra heavy emphasis on the guitar sound. Like all the tracks on here, production is real good and polished. Maybe the catchiest song on here is the last track "Conquest For Nova", the opening riff is instantly infectious and the rest of the song just grooves. Special mention must go again to the production and mix of this baby, everything is clear and powerful and even the drum sound pounds. A lot of drums tend to get buried in the mix of promo CD's but on here, they are right where they should be in the mix. The solo on "Conquest For Nova" is one of the highlights of the album, full of soaring melody and feeling. If they can get a sound like this on a promo EP, then a full length album should be on everyone's wanted list. I have heard dozens of promos this year and there has been some good ones and some shockers but this is the best promo released this year.
and now, here are the links, the first being their live video at a club called the joint playing one of their amazing songs and the second is to their reverbnation account, and the third is their facebook page, check them out, they rock!/YidhraWitchQueen?fref=ts

i hope you check them out and find how amazing they really are, HAPPY NEW YEARS!


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