Friday, December 28, 2012

a little bit about indie band girl

okay so it is officially day three, and i figure you guys probably want to know who this crazy chick is who runs this blog, so here is some things about me: when i was eight years old i was in a punk band called temper tantrum, we became super popular and i was lead singer, but i knew it wasn't for me, i wasn't angry, i was depressed, i needed softer music, so i got an acoustic guitar and searched for where i belonged, i tried blues, i tried folk, i even tried ska but nothing quite fit until seventh grade when my friends told me about this band called the killers, i had never heard anything like it and from that day on, i knew what i was to be, an alternative musician and an indie musician, but it didn't end there, i met some good friends along the way who introduced me to bands i had never heard of before in my life and as the years dragged on i found myself wearing big thick rimmed glasses, cuffed up jeans and bands on my tshirts and feathers in my hair, i went to outdoor festivals and i lived on youtube and underground radio stations and websites and now i have compiled a list of all the bands i have found over these past years, so that is what this website is, it's a compilation of life, it's a compilation of a little punk who grew into an outgoing and quirky artist, musician, poet, writer and music fanatic, so i hope you like what i post, i hope u follow me and comment on my things, because life should be shared, and i'm sharing mine with you, so now it's your turn to share yours with me!:{D adios for now!

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